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History, Politics & Society

Because they don't use good judgment.

According to wikipedia, there are 842 cars per 1000 people.

From Wikipedia of John Madejski : While on holiday in Florida in the mid 1970s Madejski saw a car sales magazine that included pictures of the vehicles on sale.

Pearl harbor was bombed and world war 2 ended! Destiny in NC AND the U.S.

In 1900, La Estrella del Norte shipped from France to the Philippines a 'George Richard', the first ever automobile to have landed on the native soil.

The worlds largest mammal would definitely be the 'Blue Whale.' So far, the blue whale is the largest spanning around 100 feet and weighing at around 180 tons, but there are still a few acceptions.

Price can vary depending on several factors such as distance, type of care, type of animal, medication administration, etc.

being able to rely on some one.