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No - She's gay

I'm not sure, but on the Sly Cooper website (www.Thiefnet.com) there is a list of stories with posibilities for Sly 4.

Mackerel, maggot, magpie, mallard duck, manatee, mare, marlin, martin, mice, mink, minnows, mites, mockingbird, mole, mongoose, monkey, mourning dove, monarch butterfly, moose, mosquito, moth, mountain lion, mouse and mule are animals.

No, they're just used for the game it unlocks.

You can make up many words using the letters in paleontologist.

Lance ArmstrongCheryl CroweOlivia Newton John

Facebook? Sorry to tell ya, but there is no way to have a costum layout on Facebook as of now :[ A: There are currently applications that you can download that work as an extention to Facebook that allow you to change your background.

it don't matter if it is for Plato but their are so many short tales you just got to put more effort then asking wiki answers.

Yes he has 2 girls :)