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77 Speed control power relay circuit It means there is something wrong with the cruise control system.

This question is a little vague, but there is a possibility of ice somewhere in the fuel lines.

change the tranny fluid evry oil change it might straighten out with fresh Honda transmission fluid

First I am not totally fluent with the engine you have but,will attempt to give you some simple checks and tuning things to look into.First has the truck had a good tune up with the basic plugs,wires,cap/rotor, air filter,fuel filter and oxygen sensor.Nex

same thing happened to my fc(rx-7) found out that when 13bs start to overheat the engine will run rich(increase the fuel) what you might want to do is check if the engine is flooded look to de-flooding methods.

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So, roughly, one gallon of crude oil gives you half a gallon of gasoline.