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You have to remove the long plastic rock guard underneath the front end in order to see the radiator drain cock.

Yes, California is so stict these days...

When a 1999 S10 is sluggish and surging with going up hills, perhaps there is a problem with the transmission.

A common way is to operate gas and brake with the right foot and to operate everything else (like steering) with the left foot.

That car does not have a carburetor.

the Answer The speedometer reading differences should be negligible if you spec the tyres according to the manufacturer's manual because the tyre profile for a 15' wheel would have been fatter than that of 16' for the same car.

Mine did this and I found a plastic plunger inside the ignition switch had broken so it only worked in the one direction.

under the small plastic cover on the drivers side valve cover 3.5 eng.

NOT RECOMMENDED! It will turn the amp on, and everything may work for the time being, but do not forget, you have WILDLY differing Amperage ratings between a REMOTE/ACC wire and a power distribution wire.