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Cars & Vehicles

Is it white billowy smoke- steam, blown headgasket letting coolant mix with hot oil, hot enough to vaporize the water and send it out your tailpipe.

alternator drive belt?

There are a few reasons why a car shakes when idling at a red light.

Cranks but won't start:In a situation like that I always tell people to go back to the basics: Spark, fuel and Compression.

you might have to unplug the fuse.....but in my case my car wasnt starting because the security was activated and it was stopping the power signal from getting to my ignition coil so that i could get a spark.

the slave clutch cylinder is located behind the engine directly above the flywheel on the Transmission

The gear train consists of an alular gear ring on shaft, connected to the other by 'sun' and 'planet' gears within the annulus.